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Dear friends,

God has created this beautiful & colorful universe. An artist’s work is the replica of God’s creation. It is a fact that all works of art create harmony and beauty through design and pattern. They also reflect the inner beauty of thoughts and soul of the artist. An artist is a God-gifted; however his imagination and creativity are to be sharpened and shaped.

We at C.C.F.A. will help you in polishing your artistic capabilities.
In this age of cut-throat competition, the world of art also needs pure-hearted and dedicated Guru. At C.C.F.A., we assure you this dedication the teachers have national and international exposure and understand the needs of students to the core. We, here at C.C.F.A. will train and polish young men and women in the realm of creative art, floor
management, set designing. We shall also train you to become fine art lecturer or animation artists. Even a student with zero level competence will be taken up and taught the basics of paintings and eventually helped to become an accomplished.
We at C.C.F.A. believe in the universal philosophy of fine art:  
We have been dedicating ourselves to the service of arts for long. The student who are novice or those who are studying arts at various level will find C.C.F.A. a place where their capabilities will be polished and their creative sensibilities fine tuned by accomplished fine arts virtuosi (Art Guru) of national and international repute.
I welcome you to our institute and assure you to help and teach you at every step by firing you imagination and give shape to your creativity and sensibility.
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