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CCFA institute is very good. According to me the way sir Dasji Purushottam teaches us is very good. I have not experience the way he teaches us, whatever step we take to learn and that is the time I use to learn and experience. I like learning in CCFA.


At CCFA. ,our teacher Das Ji has made art learning easy and joyful for us. Instead of leading us by holding our hands , he made us walk ahead by carefully observing us from behind . The institute has always uplifted it's students and help convert our weakness into our strengths . Nothing can come close to the inspirational presence of a teacher like Das Ji in a student's journey. Before being good artists ,he taught us to be good human beings ,which is very much reflected in our art works . At CCFA we have explored best of our creativity ,imagination and originality


Being a housewife i joined ccfa just as a hobby as i had interest in art work but after attending classes at ccfa for 1 month.I realised that my passion for art was growing,so I got enrolled in advance diploma programme.I enjoy working and learning here as the atmosphere is positive and motivating plus our mentor das sir always give us the liberty to work at our own pace and with perfection.I recommend all who have passion for fine arts to join ccfa for quality and enjoyable work!


At ccfa i got a new lease of life when i started discovering myself in the field of creativity and spirituality. As we create with patience and concentration the mindfulness reflects as meditation. The eviroment and people here are cogenial to the growth towards higher levels of creativity and consciousness. l enjoy the work which i do here as i feel the sense of fulfillment.


For me art is like a stress buster, so this place or class itself is very important and relaxing for me, calms my mind in a way. Not only this but it also helped me in improvising certain skills, art styles and stuff at which I was not as good as I am now. Its a place where you are taught everything you need to be taught, none of your doubts are neglected. My experience here, can't get better. I am obliged to join this place :)


I am housewife , was having raw sketching skill before joining CCFA .With the grace of God and my hard work and of course under guidance of Das Sir I found myself somewhere in the world of Art .However destination is quite away but I chose the right path by joining CCFA.


 I really like the way my guru Ji taught us .He is not only a good artist but also a good person with whom we feel free to share our views n ideas.
He always encourages us.


C.C.F.A. will help you in polishing your artistic capabilities. Even a student with zero level competence will be taken up and taught the basics of paintings and eventually helped to become an accomplished. C.C.F.A is a place where imagination converts in to reality. This institute helps you to grow in each aspect of your life. We are all artists with every choice we make in our life. Possibly I have a very different view of "ART" according to me art unlocks each and every door of learning. You can explore a whole new world in your imagination and that too while sitting in a dark corner of your bedroom even when you are upset about life art will always enlightens your life. So These are the perks of being an art student at CCFA. This place along with our respectful teacher Mr. Das Ji Purushottam has taught me a new form and a way of living a life of an optimist artist. He supports each of his student in to growing their artistic skills. Each and everyday i do feel privileged and blessed to be a part of CCFA and to be able to learn "ART" under mr. Das Ji Purushottam. Thank you CCFA for always letting us grow and to accomplish our dreams.


Being in ccfa has changed me completely as an artist. It has made me realize that there is no limit to art. It has transformed me into a better person. Attending the classes was so much fun because there was  collective learning. Everybody including the students and our honourable teacher Mr. Das ji were too supportive. The atmosphere was very warm. I have learnt a lot things about art and life and I give complete credit to ccfa for whatever I m today. Thankyouu ccfa family.


This is the best institute I ever experienced.......

It gives me the best faculty, atmosphere, process, growth and many more things which can help me to achieve my goals. 

This is an amazing platform for Art Lovers. Das sir is a visionary Artist and great guide for all students.


Art is like a meditation to me and here, in CCFA I learnt  how to polish my skills under the guidance of Das Ji Sir, who taught me step by step drawing and painting. I enjoy doing painting here as there is a very nice homely environment.


I did not had much knowledge about fine arts but I was always interested to learn about it. Then I came across this institute and joined it with high hopes. And I am pleased to say that this institute changed me and my perspective towards fine arts. I was able to learn everything that I always wanted to learn, it helped me to grow both as an and as a human being. I want to thanks our sir, Mr Dasji purushottam, for his guidance. 


My name is sakshi and I am with CCFA from last 6-7 month. It was a great journey and hope so in future it will be the same. CCFA gives me confidence and made me learn so many things CCFA is a good platform for new comers to learn the art work and become expert in it. I can see myself growing with CCFA. Thank you CCFA for support and for guiding me. This is my work that I have done with the CCFA.


It is great learning experience at CCFA, if you want to learn painting, drawing and various forms of Art the right way. I have been other institutes also, however the kind of learning one gets here is incomparable. Das Sir stresses on getting the basics right. Once the basics are perfect, one can easily master various mediums and forms of Art. Another big differentiator factor is that in CCFA you get to learn from the master himself. Other institutes delegate the coaching to someone who has just spent one year or two years in that institute. If you get to learn from master, nothing like that. Despite Das Sir being super expert in all the forms of Art, he doesn't has a air about it. Very humble and down to earth person. It is treat to interact with him as a human being also. Would highly recommend CCFA. Don't get illusioned by so called opulent looking institutes, join CCFA and enhance your capabilities in Art.


My experience at CCFA has been splendid. The teaching techniques were very intricate and each student was given individual attention. Each week we did something new. We were given full freedom to express ourselves through art. I learned 3 mediums in 1 year- poster, acrylic and water colour. Das sir has guided us to do not only good in our art work but also our life. He always motivated us to do more and always helped us to do our work. I am grateful to him and CCFA for evolving my personality. Thankyou sir and fellow students.


CCFA institute is one of the best institute in delhi. Dasji purusottam sir teaches us in very easy way to understand every technique of painting from basic drawing to color mixing.sir clear all doubt of drawing. I improved myself in every class. CCFA is the best platform to learn fine art.